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This seminar on the collaboration possibilities between China and the Netherlands and future possibilities in the field of joint research and development in Chinese Medicine (CM) was a great succes. The seminar consisted of lively meetings between various organizations, stakeholders and government institutions on the possibilities for joint research and cooperation in the broader field of CM including the health benefits from self-help practices and aimed to also properly inform on the herbal compounds of Chinese medicines.

We are preparing a whitepaper which will be completed after the summer. This whitepaper will contain a roadmap for branch organizations and healthcare workers, as well as politicians on the possibilities of employing tcm in the curent heathcare system in the Netherlands.

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Introducing the speakers:

Drs. Mariska Stevens: Director of Crossroad Culture, main organizor of this conference.

Cultral Anthropologist/ Medical and Non-Western Sociologist. former affiliation Unibersity of Amsterdam, currently international lectururer on Cross-Cultural (Business) commudrs mariska stevensnication, ethno-psychology, methods and techniques of social scientific research (a.o. at Donghua University Shanghai in the past 4 years). Wrote various book on Cross-Cultural communication (see publications), lectured on doctor-patient relationship (a.o. recently at Longhua Hospital in Shanghai). She has 40 years of experience in research and teaching. Researches deprogramming mental agency, and practices and researches Tai Ji and Qi Gong in mental and physical health. Her lecture concerns the limits of Western bio medical approaches of body and mind.

She strives to make this conference a succes in placing TCM on various Dutch goverment agendas and aims to let this conference return each year to create possibilities for stakeholders' reviews and Sino Dutch cooperation in the field of research and development on TCM.

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Dr. Weixiang Wang: President of ZHONG (NVTCG) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde

weixiang wangA well-known international lecturer and doctor of Chinese Medicine with 27 years experiences, professor of Nanjing University of TCM. He graduated from Nanjing University of TCM in 1989 and later received his Master’s and Doctor’s degree from the same university.

He has had 14 years work experience in Nanjing University and the teaching hospitals in China before he started his profession in the Netherlands from 2003. He has a vast experience on teaching and supervising TCM students and practitioner’s clinical practice and has authored and co-authored 10 publications on TCM published in China. Before becoming the dean of one TCM University in Amsterdam, dr. Wang also worked in Ireland, Hong Kong, Austria and Germany as guest professor and TCM doctor. Dr. Wang runs his own clinic in Amsterdam.

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Dr. Mei Wang: Founder and Chairperson of Research Centre: Leiden University-European Center for Chinese Medicine and Natural compounds (ECCM), Institute of Biology, Leiden University, the Netherlands (since Dec 2016-now).

Dr. Mei WangAuthor of more than 145 scientific papers in books, international or national scientific journals and conference proceedings and 4 patents. Member of expert committee represent the Netherlands at TCM working party at European Pharmacopeia EDQM for establishment quality standard for herbal drugs originated from China (since 2009-now). She, furthermore, is co-founder of Sino-Dutch center for Preventive and Personalized Medicine, vice-Chairman, and coordination of various research programs between China and the Netherlands (2007 –2017).

CEO SU BioMedicine, the first company globally that integrates systems biology with TCM and has achieved the first registration of Chinese herbal medicine as tHMP (traditional herbal medicine according to directive 2004/24 EC) in the EU, covering EU produce legislation, production (EU GMP), safety and efficacy, conducting detailed communication between China and European at scientific and technological levels.  Being one of the team members of the Diao Pharmaceutical group (China)-SU BioMedicine (the Netherlands) team, selected as one of the top-10 innovations in China in 2012 related to the Chinese Medicine Systems Biology achievements. Visiting professor at State Key Laboratory of Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine, University Macau. Member of the first Editorial board of World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (WJTCM), The “Changbai mountain ” professor at Changchun TCM University, China

Lecture: Western medicine and Chinese medicine developed within the context of their own cultures and perspectives. The detailed target approach of Western biomedical sciences has generated tremendous knowledge of anatomy, physiology, histology, genetics, and biochemistry, whilst the phenomenological approach of Chinese medicine has produced a systems understanding of biology. The two concepts are complementary, and combining them could generate a highly rewarding step forward for development of medicine and healthcare systems.

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Dr. You-Ping Zhu: Educated primarily in pharmaceutical sciences (B.Sc., 1982) and specialized in Pharmacognosy of Chinese herbal medicine (Ph.D., 1989 )

Dr. Zhou YoupingDr. Zhu is responsible for quality control and regulatory affairs at CMC Tasly Group BV, The Netherlands. He was associate professor of Pharmacognosy at the Faculty of Pharmacy, SMMU University in Shanghai, China.
His book “Chinese Materia Medica: Chemistry, Pharmacology and Application” is the most comprehensive source of scientific information on Chinese herbs. He is highly sought after in Europe and the US for his expertise on safety and quality matters related to Chinese herbal medicine and his in-depth understanding of the complex regulatory requirements for herbal products in the EU.

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Ssofie van der meulenofie van der Meulen: graduated at Leiden University with a degree in administrative and constitutional law. She also studied public management. Sofie is involved in the food sector through among other things the organization of the Food Law Academy and is co-author of the EU food law roadmap (Landkaart Levensmiddelenrecht) and specializes in legal and regulatory aspects of medical technology. She is a member of the Dutch Association for Food Law (NVLR) and the Dutch Association for Administrative Law (VAR). Her activities also include advice and litigation in the fields of economic administrative law, social security law, environmental law enforcement, access to government information, governmental liability and public order issues. She lectures on administrative law and is a specialist in European public procurement law and administrative procedural law.

Floris Kets: graduated from both Utrecht University and Wageningen University and Research Center in Administrative Law and Food Safety Law. Floris is both a paralegal and a food scientFloris Ketsist combining the knowledge on food production and hygiene practices with knowledge of national and European enforcement and safety standards. Floris supports clients on regulatory aspects of market access of food products in a broad sense, including supplements, botanicals and foods for special medical purposes. He can assist in pre- market approval procedures, use of ingredients, use of GMO’s and labelling requirements.


Presentation: For producers wishing to market TCM, such as herbal products, in the EU, the regulatory qualification of the product is important from a marketing perspective, but also from a regulatory perspective. Which legal framework is applicable to the product? The framework for foods, for instance, is vastly different from the framework of medicinal products. A correct qualification is also important in the light of enforcement. High fines and/or recalls may be avoided. The presentation will look into demarcation issues for TCM and will specifically address the novel foods legislation.
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Meiyu Chyen and Tony Verkamer:

mei and tony

Meiyu Chuyen. Studied Social- and Organizational Psychology at the University of Leiden.  Tony Verkamer studied at the University of Gent where I received my Master’s degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Sports Management. Both have a great passion for Chinese culture intensively studying TCM. Their Yang Shen Foundation was created to make this study into a life-long mission.

The Foundation Chinese Yang-sheng and Traditional Chinese Medicine has the primary goal of promoting Yang-sheng practices and TCM.  All the profits made by the enterprise within the Foundation, named Yang-sheng On Tour, go directly to the working of the Foundation and the organization of projects.  Its aim is to set up a cultural shift towards a more healthy society.  The foundation has three main pillars:  Sport promoting Taiji, Qigong and Daoyin, research and Education through organizing lectures and workshops.

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Tang Shui Chang.

Shui Chang Tang: graduated  VU University Amsterdam in Western clinical psychology. She has over 20 years’ experience in advising and researching senior citizen at Amsterdam and coTang Shuiaching Chinese people working for several government foundations. At the Ouderen Advisers Flesseman, she was co receiver of the Eva Frankfurt Ganz prize, at the Blankenberg Stichting the Chinese volunteer's project was nominated for the Nationaal compliment. She has been working as psychologist using narrative methods and teaching self-massage to patients at Mentrum, a psychiatric clinic for older adults at Amsterdam. Narrative care and co-creating a wisdom environment by using Chinese cultural psychology and body awareness methods from TCM have her special interest.

Brian Mulder: Over 20+ years hands-on experience in the never ending universe of data ETL comes in many, many forms and legacy is a given. It's not the tools but the concepts that derive value from data. June 2008 – Present (8 years 9 months)Amsterdam Area, Netherlands Insidestat provides data related services to clients ranging from finance, energy, healthcare and manufacturing. Brian MulderFreelance consultant since 2008 and founding partner in several startups, Energy, Trade, Employability and Healthcare are his focus areas. Brian was involved in the construction of the travel guide for the Eurotop in 1997 in Amsterdam, a prospect system for the first Dutch online brokerage Alex in 1999, written a cool tool for a chapter in the Excel book “The Spreadsheet at 25” in 2005, built an XBRL parser for a Dutch accountancy portal in 2011 and part of the team behind a blockchain based p2p energy trade system later in 2017. To keep healthcare human centered in a digital age is a challenge. Brian Mulder focusses on overcoming this challenge.

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