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Case Examples (selection of) Lectures, workshops and presentations

  • Talks on the internationalization of the Renminbi (Rabo bank)
  • Seminars on comparative laswsytems 2014, 2015
  • Workshop peergroup counseling international students Shanghai
  • Seminars for Chinese companies in Shanghai in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • Workshop april 16 (2011): LOOKING BACK TO Crossing the Cultural Gap: Click here
  • Psychologische achtergronden van Chinese studenten in Nederland (UvA afdeling decanen)
  • Sherlock Holmes en het mysterie van de detective (OBA)
  • The Anthropology of Dutch Agriculture (Chinese Academy of Sciences, dept of Urban & Rural studies Inst of Geographical sciences)
  • China 1911-2011: De handen die de zijdeworm transformeerden. Honderd jaar culturele sociale dynamiek vanuit Niet-Westers Perspectief (Volks Universiteit Amstelland) 7 lectures course
  • De Ethnopsychologie van Chinese culturen in Nederland (RINO Opleidingsinstituut voor psycho-therapie)
  • Crossing the Cultural Gap (workshop for Chinese students and scholars in the Netherlands)
  • De Qi van Chinese erotiek, de romantiek en het verhaal (KIT Tropen Museum)
  • Cultural design designs culture, western classification classifies the west. Technical University Delft: Design & Technology Department
  • Identity development, discrimination perception in Chinese youths in The Netherlands, moderator SAVAN meetings. PPCPF.
  • Between drifting clouds and floating water: Zhang Zao and Ezra Pound and the cross cultural essence of Chinese poetry. (De Burcht: Labour Union Museum)
  • Bedrijfscluster formatie en export strategieën naar de Chinese markt
  • Abstracte lijnen, Concrete Ideeen: De beginnerspraktijk van Chinese kalligrafie
  • How Sun Tzu persuaded the Dutch. Workshop on negotiation and managing techniques for Chinese Companies: Economic Affairs municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdaminbusiness/ Eusino and Rotterdam Investment Agency
  • As Deep as the Unspoken. Stereotypes of Chinese migrants from 1840-1940: De Burcht Amsterdam/ repetition He Hua Tempel Amsterdam cooperation with ACSSA.
  • Time to Heal: Speech in Support of the Chinese Olympic Games 2008: ACSSA.
  • Nanjing: The Ontology of Human Atrocities (Inspraak Orgaan Chinezen (IOC).
  • Nothing as Deep as the Unspoken: Stereotypes on Chinese Overseas Communities. (Association of Overseas Chinese Scholars and Students)
  • Stereotypes and Chinese Immigration in the Netherlands (De Burcht: Labour Union Museum)
  • CCC: Culture, Company and Communication in a Chinese Context. IBM The Netherlands
  • Migrant Groups and second language learning. Dynamo Foundation Amsterdam
  • Community Building and Neighborhood Strategies: Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Moroccan Youth and identity development: Tamanut Europe Foundation
  • Tai Ji and China, workshop (120 youngsters) : Amstel Lyceum: Amsterdam Oost
  • Buddhism and religious practice in Amsterdam: Amstel Lyceum Amsterdam Oost
  • Language Digital: Presentation Dynamo Foundation. The Importance of Target Language Oriented Material.
  • Network Development and Neighborhood Strategies: Seminar for middle and higher management staff. CABO (Center Advice Policy Elder Migrant People).
  • Talking Mirrors: Presentation Welfare East Amsterdam, Second Language Acquisition for lower Educated Migrants.
  • Dutch as a second Language: Samenspraak Oost/ Watergraafsmeer
  • Edward Sapir and the Paradise of National Genius. Anthropological Institute  Amsterdam.
  • Culture and Personality School: How personal is Culture? International AMMAS program (Medical Anthropology) University of Amsterdam
  • Photography and Individual Perception: Guest Lecture at the Polonian Institute, University of Cracow, Poland.
  • The Photography of Roland Barthes: Guest lecture at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Key note speech; The Unclassified Body and the Tiniest differen­ce: International conference " Body Images, Language and Physical Boundaries" University of Amsterdam.
  • De erfenis van het ritueel. (The Inheritance of the Ritual) National Symposium "What's the Truth"
  • Body Images and Individual Perception: National Conference of Dutch Physical-Therapists, The Hague.
  • Cultural Backgrounds of Body Images: National Conference of Dutch Physical-Therapists, The Hague.
  • Roland Barthes and the problem of unclassified feelings. Committee on Human Development, University of Chicago.
  • Dance and the cultural conception of trance in its bearings on the individual body. VPRO Radio lectures.
  • Concepts of Traditional Healing in Cross Cultural Comparisons: Work Seminar; Theological Institute; University of Amsterdam.
  • Keynote speech: Above the Dutch maddow, the Winti blows...(en boven de polder de Winti...: Symposium Surinamese people within the dutch Healthcare System.
  • Cultural concepts and abnormality of voice hearing. Foundation for ex- Psychiatric Patients in cooperation with the university of Nijmegen.
  • Participant Observation in Religious Sects. Amsterdam Institute for training of Cultural Workers.
  • Education and Authority. Conference on the Quality of Educational Programs. University of Amsterdam.
  • Case Studies on the Mythical Representation of Collective Images in Dreams as a Result of Social Stress Situations. Work Seminar Ethnopsychiatry, Sociological Institute, University of Amsterdam

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