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Crossroad Culture has a long history of educational projects. This page contains information of these special projects, for information on the cooperating partners, participation possibilities and students and/or teacher training, please contact us.

Topics on this page: Teacher Training; Cultural Context of Law Systems; Shanghai Universities (Center of International Studies Crosscultural Communiztion: Psychology and symbolism; Shanghai University of TCM: Qi gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi Gong Workshops: Chinese Calligraphy Workshops; Sustainability workshops for houseowners and social housing

New: Understanding Dream Intepretation and Individuation: Workshops on request.

Cross Cultural Communication Traning for Teaching Professionals based on the Coursebook "A Sense of Culture''. In the recent past we implemented this coursebook a.o. trough teachers workshop at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences for their programs ''Healthcare without Borders'' . some earlier presentations were done for Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. For pricing of the training courses please contact us.

teachertraining1time perception

Cross-cultural business communication Donghua University Center of International Studies Shanghai China: We have developed special cross cultural business communication courses for the Center of International Studies (CIP) in Shanghai. We recomend CIP: and are in close contact with them. Information on their BA programs, visit their website: In the past we employed these workshops for a.o. Net-App and Accenture.

crosscultural communication facecrosscultural communcrosscultur communication3

The Business of Psychology and Symbolic Interpretation/ Individuation: This program has been developed for the BA program of Donghua Center of International Studies in Shanghai. We also offer this course elsewhere. Students learn the insides of symbolic use in healthcare, marketing, communication and storytelling. For tailor made possibilities and pricing, please contact us.

business psycholgy 1business psycholgy 2business psycholgy4

Cultural contexts of Law Systems: We presented these workshops in various contexts, among the universities Center of International Studies; Den Haag seminars; Amsterdam: Groote Industriele Club; human rights program of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.For tailor made possibilities and pricing, please contact us.

what do you think about laws law and comliance

Professional instruction and/or study possibilities in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Shanghai University of TCM and the Qi Gong Institute. We are in close communication with the Qi Gong Research Center of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shnaghai : For info on their TCM courses and possibilities of special workshops organized from the Netherlands to Shanghai please contact us and visit the website of SHUTCM: or contact us for more info and possibilities.

qigong contacthall qi gong instituut

QiGong Introduction Workshops. We organize workshops introducing Qi Gong since 2000 allready. Please contact us for tailormade workshops and pricing. Workshops for 1 to 3 persons also possible.

qi gond workshopqi gong workshops

Chinese Calligraphy Introduction Workshops at Donghua University Center of International Studies. We conducted special workshops for Shanghai's Donghua University. We also organized in-company workshops for personell associations like Accenture. Please contact us for tailormade workshops and pricing. Workshops for 1 to 3 persons also possible.

calligraphy 1calligraphy3

Development and implementation of workshops on sustainability, combined houseowner/social housing combination and cooperations with Jungle Amsterdam. For possibilities on workshops training and information on energie transition and sustainability improvement possibilities of curent houses, please contact:, or email:

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