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Free PDF Download Crossroad Culture magazine June 10, 2015: Concepts of Trust and Ethics in the Business Between China and Europe.

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NEW! A Sense of Culture: Cultural Anthropology in a Cross Cultural Perspective

Are you looking for an alternative publication or alternative text books in cross-cultural communication and international trade?

‘’A Sense of Culture: Cultural Anthropology in a Cross-Cultural Perspective’’ combines the methodology of cultural anthropology with case-studies on cross-cultural communication. It explains how anthropological concepts can be applied in everyday situations by people working, living or studying within a culture different from their own. Although this book is of interest to anyone who is working within environments across cultures, one of the extra special features of this publication is that it can be used as a textbook for students in Cultural Anthropology, Economy, Communication Studies, Cross-Cultural Communication and Business Administration and International Trade.

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The Sensed Audio and the Un-Sensed Unabridged Audio Version) Unavailable; Introductionary word of advice

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2017: Looking at China:Cost-Effective Healthcare Relief
in a Modern Society: The organization of TCM as it is implemented in China as well as China’s export strategy for the coming five years.

  • 2017: Real Science, Too Scientific? Dynamic Culture Change and so Does China
  • 2016: Opening Knowledge on TCM
  • 2016: Chinese Medicine and the Measure of Convenience
  • 2016: Masters of the Universe and Masters of Startegy
  • Remembering on May 4, 2016: Past experience, if not forgotten, can be a guide to the future Qian shi bu wang
  • 2015: Nothing as Deep As the Unspoken: Stereotypes in Western Law History
  • 2015: China Could Stimulate the Quest for a Global Economic Governance Rule of Law.
  • 2015: China zou een internationaal mondiaal economische structuur kunnen stimuleren
  • 2015: Guanyin: compassion is a choice: contemporary approaches on Guanyin Buddhism (Dutch language: Book) Crossroad Culture Order at American Book Center
  • 2014: Concepts of Trust and Ethics: Openings session article Shanghai/ Donghua conference
  • 2014: China and the West on the Wild Side. Culture, painting and calligraphy: 1421 Consultancy (Column) Energy meets Character
  • 2014: Rule by Culture and Rule of Law. Beijing 1421 Consultancy (Column)
  • 2014: Past experience, if not forgotten (China’s memory of WW II). Beijing 1421 Consultancy (Column)
  • 2014: Ordinary People and China. Beijing 1421 Consultancy (Column)
  • 2014: Chinese or Foreign, that is the questions. Beijing 1421 Consultancy (Column)
  • Why Dutch Cows Do Not Speak Chinglish? (KIT Publication, December 2013)
  • 2011: The Sensed and the Un-sensed: The disappearance of the individual body and the myth of the Freedom of Choice in Western Sciences. Paperback edition (ISBN 9789491030062) Order through: American Book Center:
  • 2009/2010: How Sun Zi Persuaded the Dutch; AIB/RIA internal publication
  • 2010: Cluster Formation and Export strategies to China, Xian: a case study in Architecture. Newsletter Alliance NL (internal article).
  • 2009: The Sensed and the Un-sensed: The disappearance of the individual body in Western Social Sciences. (Audio-book  Blue Water Dragon Foundation, Amsterdam
  • 2007: Taal Digitaal (Language Digital) Stichting Dynamo Amsterdam. (Interactive DVD)
  • 2005: De Spiegel van het schrift (The Mirror of Writing). Course book Dutch for Chinese speaking people. Uitgeverij Ming Ya: Amsterdam
  • 2004: Netwerkontwikkeling en buurtstrategieën. Bestuursdienst Amsterdam
  • 2003: Een jaar ouder (Stevens and Mok). Course book on the Dutch language, Bestuursdienst Amsterdam
  • 1999: De sprekende spiegel (The Talking Mirror); Course book for Cultural Anthropological Traning of Dutch Teachers. SWO: De Werf, Amsterdam
  • 1996: Metaforen van het onveranderlijke. (Metaphors of the unchangeable, the political construction of skin color) In: Dr.J. Joosten: De Huid. (The Skin) Uitgeverij Boom; Meppel.
  • 1994: De erfenis van het ritueel. (The Inheritance of the Ritual) Publication of the Symposium "What's the Truth" National Physicist association for research on physical evidence of torture.
  • 1994: Cultural Backgrounds of Body Images: Magazine of the foundation for Dutch Physical and Relaxation-Therapists, The Hague.
  • 1994: Body Images and Individual Perception: Magazine of the foundati­on for Dutch Physical and Relaxation-Therapists, The Hague.
  • 1993: Photography and the Imagined Body. Visual Sociology Vol (8)1 Edit. Harper and Boonzaajer Flaes: University of South Florida, U.S.A.
  • 1992: Body Perception and Abstraction in Language. Limited publication in the lectures from the Human Development Depart­ment, University of Chicago.
  • 1992: Winti, an Afro Surinamese Religion in the Netherlands. New West Indian Guide Vol.66 (no.1+2).
  • 1989:"Lichaamsbeleving en betekenisgeving als taal en abstractie." : Tijdschrift LOVA, University of Amsterdam, Amster­dam
  • 1989 : "En boven de Polder de Winti" : (And Above the Dutch Meadows the Winti Blows) Wetenschapswinkel: Uni­ver­si­ty of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
  • 1988: "Van Therapeuten en de dingen die voorbij gaan". (From Thera­pists and Things which Pass.) University of Amster­dam, Amsterdam. A cultural comparison on the construction of power and authority in Dutch and Surinamese ethnic healing practices (book).

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