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"Why Dutch Cows Do Not Speak Chinglish"

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This book is reserved as business gifts for Chinese companies and companies interested in doing business with China

Dutch Cows

Why Dutch cows do not speak Chinglish

Contemporary economic and business communication have become increasingly global, dynamic and fast changing. The obstacles Chinese entrepreneurs encounter in the business culture of The Netherlands are an example for problems Chinese entrepreneurs face when entering the European market.
The title of this book refers to the uneasy, sometimes difficult, but also heartwarming and funny communication styles between the Dutch, European and Chinese business worlds.
The book outlines a theoretical and practical approach towards styles of negotiation, and ways to approach Dutch, and in a larger context, European entrepreneurs from a Chinese perspective.The book is interesting for European and Dutch entrepreneurs as a valuable relational gift to their Chinese counterparts and business contacts. It is written with respect and sensitivity for current market and communication values and has a positive outlook on the future of Dutch/European and Chinese business associations.


Format: paperback
Price: 24,50
Language: English-Chinese
Extra: Thematic Vocabulary:  English-Chinese-Pinyin and vice versa
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