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Crossroads in Healthcare has been a great succes ! PowerPoints and seminar summaries now PDF's available on our Crossroads in Healthcare webpage


Crossroad Culture and EuSino Foundation jointly Organize:

Green Shanghai and the Gateway to China
Visions for Progressive Minds in
Spatial Perceptions, Green Technology,
Green Marketing, Urban Renaissance and  Eco-Zones
Friday, June 7, 2019
Jungle Amsterdam: 2e van Swindenstraat 26, 1093 VS

14.30-15.00 Entry and Registration
15.00-15.45: Shanghai’s Green Renaissance, New Approaches to Sino-Dutch Cooperation, Cultural Elements of Green Advertising: Mariska Stevens
15.45-16.30: 15.45-16.30: Nature Dynamic & Human Dynamic: Sino-Dutch Perspectives in Sustainable Landscape Architecture.  Hongjuan Zhang
16.30-17.00: Presentations Activities on Shanghai Green Tech Possibilities, Shanghai Invitation Network: Tao Wang (EuSino Foundation) EuSino Foundation
17.00-18.00: Round Table, Creative Exchange on Green Solutions, Q and A, Advisory Consults and Exchanging with Prospective Dutch Partners

Tickets 18 euro's (drinks not included)

download registration form here and send the completed form at: June 7, 2019


In talking and reading about China and its environment many prejudices from the West prevail over thorough analysis. There is a tendency to let pollution figures prevail over green initiatives. Shanghai, a city most famous for both its rapid urban growth and car implosion, holds all contradictory elements of environmental circumstances present in contemporary China. Looking at the city as an example public messages, eco-experiments, policy attempts, advertising and pollution problems one finds a full view of the renaissance on China’s attempt to ‘ecologize’ its national image.

Entrepreneurs, organizations in eco production and consumerism could better apprehend what we can learn from China (the better and the worse) and which new economic visions towards cooperating with China can accomplish success. Educational institutions in the field can contemplate on Shanghai cooperation partners. Understanding Shanghai implicates understanding the future gateway to China as well as China’s future in marketing of Green products and inventions.

Seminar: Green Shanghai and the Gateway to China aims to create a platform focusing on excellence of Dutch invention rather than the slow motion we nowadays call ‘innovation’. It is a platform inviting visions from progressive minds in the socio-cultural aspects of spatial perceptions, green technology, green marketing, urban renaissance and new eco-zones in both China and the Netherlands.


Other news: Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum (2018 September, 4-8) was a great success!

chongming plenairy session

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