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Seminars recent and from the past

Presentation: Sept. 2018 7th Shanghai Chongming Eco-Island International Forum: Lessons to be learned from Dutch agriculture

presentation Chongming Island

Amsterdam: June 27, 2018: Coopreration EuSino Foundation: Jiangsu delegation seminar on smart logistics and visit to the Port of Amsterdam


Urk: March 15, 2018: Rabobank: Internationalization of the RMB and differences in the business culture between Netherlands and China.

rabobank photo

Amsterdam, Sepember 2017: Workshop: Oosterse Wijsheid: Wijze Zelfstandigheid

oosterse wijsheid

Shanghai November 14, 2016 : Globalization of Corporations Seminar: Crossroad Culture and Donghua University cooperation: The Culture of Labor Prerequisites and Laws on Contracts.

november 14 conference

Den Haag: May 2016; Round Table meeting on multi national corporate crimes and the possibilities for international regulation

What does China have to offer with concern to the regulation of the practices of multinational corporations and in which way could an international court of law, based on equal global representation monitor multinational corporate asocial financial and non-compliant practices and develop regulatory instruments?

den haag may 2016

Amsterdam: May 2016: Start-up company possibilities for Chinese students in the Netherlands

startup workshop 2016startup work team 2016

Shanghai: November 2015: World Creative Sustainable Economy Summit:

world creative economy summit

Shanghai: November 2015, "Culture and Rule of (Economic) Law Along the new Silk Road

new silk road Donghua

November 2015: Amsterdam, March: The Hague: June :

’Rule of Law: The Cultural Balance between China and the West and the New Possibilities of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

rule of law and the AIIB


November 2013 and 2014 : Investment in the Busienss between China and Europe

trust and ethics

December 13, 2012; Seminar "Why Dutch Cows Do Not Speak Chinglish"

book launch 13 december

December 13, 2012 oficial book launch "Why Dutch Cows Do Not Speak Chinglish". The book was presented to mr Li Fei, counsoler for commercial afairs of the embassy of the People's Republic from China in the Netherlands. To the left Mr. Jimmy Ji (CEO at KPMG) one of the speakers on commenting on the book and on the far right Patty Yuan from Yuen Law Firm the second speaker commenting on the book. The book was received with the most possitive comments straight from the hearth. Patty Yuen gave a citation from the book:

"This book is written for people of East and West cultures who have a heart for honest cooperation and communication and try to overcome the difficulties by creating advanced understanding as the basis for a corporate social responsible world in which prosperity is spread among all and the world is kept healthy and safe for future generations."

The networking thereafter accomplished another step towards a social responsible business world!!!

Netapp Optimizing Consultancy (tailor made workshops for intenational companies)

-netapp maps nettap workshop

Intensive tailor made workshop for Netapp Support Account Managers in awareness of culture and personality, communication softskills, obesrevation analizing and evaluation customers support relations. One to two days Incompany training. Above: role axchange excersize: Support Account Managers learn strategies in dealing with ver difficult customers. The learn to observe styles of communication, recognize prefered communication styles and adjust and extend their own possibilities by learning from each other and awareness about their personal comfort zones. The workshops are tailor made towards individual and particulair company circumstances. Each workshop has its unique seminars and training functionalities wich cannot be interchanged or genralized.

If you are interested to engage such workshops for your company, for estimates and arrangements contact:

photo seminar


The initiative for the Sun Tzu seminar comes from longstanding experience on intercultural communication support between Dutch and Chinese outbound and inbound businesses. Crossroad Culture and EuSino Foundation ( work as partners on this project. Their joined research has shown that even Chinese companies which have been in the Netherlands for a very long time found answers to their communication difficulties within this workshop. Self-assessment and communication training combined reflective and critical information works as an excellent combination.

This training workshop is different from the seminar genarally offered in he field. First of all it works with an integrated aproach of anthropological methods of cross cultural communication combined with socio-psychological methods of self-assesment. This ensures active participation of participants at all times. Participants are continuesly invited to react and to respond with questions and stories of their experiences in Dutch business contexts. The set-up of the workshop therefore creates more of a platform on communicating about negociation difficulties and avoids a passive listening experience.

The seminar can be organized by the joined partners on request of China desks, companies, service providers and gouverment agencies. We provide full organization services (including catering and fascilities) or seminar provisions only. Estimates will be given upon request. back to the top

Crossing the Cultural Gap

afternoon workshop picture

In 2011 Crossroad Culture organized a workshop for Chinese students in the Netherlands together with many partner organizations (Olfert Dapper, AIB, VU, UvA, EuSino)


For more images on this workshop click on this link.

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