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General Terms of Delivery for public workshops : click on this link

All other terms of delivery are part of estmates, conecrning research, in compnay trainings or tailor made trainings. Our estimates are valid for three months under normal economic conditions.


  • Articles, Books, Professional Biographies
  • Cross Cultural Adjusted Plan Projects
  • CC Adjusted Information Folders
  • CC Adjusted Proposals

Cross Cultural Communication Advice

Moderating/Hosting; Conferences, workshops, meetings, discusions

Training workshops

  • Traning in counseling and peer-counseling techniqies for international students
  • Training and information seminars on Etno-Psychology and backgrounds of cultural bound syndromes
  • Training Seminar Cultural Anthropological Approaches of Intercultural Business Relations and Company Communication (In Company Training)
  • Culture and Personality Training Seminar (In Company Training)
  • Company Specific Training Workshop (Tailor made)
  • Transfer of Company Specific Training (Tailor Made)
  • Development plan innovation outside the box

Lectures on request for topics:
Workshop development on request
Cross Cultural Education packages on request

Cross Cultural Research

Short Research ( 1 Month)
Extended Research (3 to 6 Months)
Research Company Specific Diversity and Communication
Research Report & Diversity Management Strategy and Consultation

Conference designs
Conference Support

Editing English and Dutch Social Scientific Articles (composition support)
Editing English and Dutch (general)
Translations Dutch English, English Dutch Social Scientific Articles
Translations Dutch English, English Dutch General (Company Profiles, Articles, Web texts, Letters, Speeches)
Dissertation support & consultancy (PhD & MA)
tel. The Netherlands: 31-20-6921400/ 31-613081459






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