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Result of the workshop: Crossing the Cultural Gap!
Position Yourself in the Dutch Education & Business World

Looking back at April 16, 2011

Organizing partners: Dr. Olfert Dapper Foundation; AmsterdamInBuisness, University of Amsterdam, VU university of Amsterdam, Crossroad Culture, EuSino Foundation, Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands. Training Workshop for Students and Young Entrepreneurs from China

Composition and main organizers workshop:

Drs Mariska Stevens and Drs. Alex Lai

The Netherlands has a large population of Chinese students engaged in a variety of studies and education. Some of these students would like to focus themselves on finding a job and starting a career in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam municipality, various cross cultural communication organizations and the Amsterdam institutes of higher education think highly of their Chinese guests. It is their goal to bridge the gap between cultures for Chinese students living and aiming to work in the Netherlands.

The workshop was a great succes. Some 60 participants attended intensively from 9.30 in the morning till 19.00 in the evening. As a special guest Mr. Luo Ping from the Chinese ambasseee attended the morining sessions.

Chinese participants gained knowledge and training on network mechanisms in the Netherlands and gained a better understanding of how to effectively communicate their whishes in future positions in the Netherlandsy as well a clear idea about their own preferred negotiation styles and on how to approach Dutch institutions and prospective employers


During the network reception we strive to invite experts and business representatives to support you on any questions you may have concerning your future plans


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